Video Archives: Paint your Dog or Gift a painting of a Dog for Someone Special with Howard Friedland


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This is a 2-part oil painting class on capturing dogs

This Holiday Season is a great time to capture “man’s  (and woman’s) best friend” in oils.
Whether your pet is still with us or has passed “over the rainbow bridge”, these memories of our buddies and budettes will be a real hit under the tree this year.
Learn how to:
  • Paint fur without painting every hair,
  • Pick the best photo
  • Capture the personalities of your pets
These will all be discussed in this 2-session class.  It will also include a critique of students’ work if you send your finished images to Howard.
All levels are invited to join!

Comments from previous online students:

I just wanted to tell you that I really enjoyed your classes! I will probably take more from you in the future. I appreciate you so much as a teacher! You are always so knowledgeable and you put a lot of effort into your classes! That is important! Also the subject matter was a bit of a challenge, which is what I really loved! Thank you, CZ

Thank you Howard for your many suggestions! I will be experimenting! I always learn so much from your classes. I think your reflections in the water were outstanding! I’m going to keep working on mine!  EC


Waiting for the Master, oil painting by Howard Friedland


Couch Potatoes, oil painting by Howard Friedland

Painting from class 2 by Howard