Video Archive: Winter Whites, Painting in Watercolor with Pat Fiorello


Floral Still Life in watercolor

Have fun learning more about painting white flowers and exploring watercolor techniques to add interest and energy to your paintings.

Join Pat Fiorello, an instructor who has led more than 10 programs abroad with Il Chiostro since 2008, for a paint-along session where you’ll create a beautiful still life painting in watercolor.

Painting will focus on achieving convincing form and depth, rich, clean color and expressive brushwork.

Click here to see more of Pat’s watercolor paintings.

Special video from Pat:  a Youtube link on how I set up a still life arrangement

What students from Pat’s past zoom classes had to say…

Another great class today. You really have strong teaching skills. I learned a LOT. The full hour allocated to critiques at the back end of your classes is so helpful. Your lessons sink in so well when you can point to examples of issues on someone’s canvas, but you also teach how to correct. And you are always very complimentary and talk about the positives as well.  ~ SG

It was fun! You are the best teacher ever! Thank you so much, time goes by so fast in your classes because they’re so engaging!   ~AW

Great class!! Wow, I am totally inspired after your watercolor class, Pat.  Your instructions are always so clear and easy to understand.  I was in such a low energy, down mood before we started.  Now I’m happy and I feel like myself again.  Art truly does take us to another place where our entire focus is needed.   – MD

Winter Whites, watercolor by Pat Fiorello