Video Archive: Turning Day into Night – Making a Nocturne Painting from a Daytime Photograph, 3 pmts. with Howard Friedland


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Making a Nocturne Painting from a Daytime Photograph
This is a 3-part series for oils

In this class Howard will teach you how to adjust your colors to make them look like you were painting “By the Light of the Silvery Moon”.

Moonlit nocturne paintings are a very evocative and romantic subject matter.  Unless there is a handy light source available, standing outside after dark to paint (and seeing your canvas well enough) can be a daunting task!  Vincent Van Gough attached candles to his wide brimmed hat so he could see his canvas in the dark.  I wouldn’t recommend it, though, because fire and paint thinner don’t mix well!

Personally, I have painted at night with a headlamp but it is still very challenging.

What if you could paint a night scene by using your favorite daytime reference photo?  In this series you will learn the magic of transposing your painting reference into a NEW KEY!

Turn your daytime photo to a nocturne by Howard Friedland:

Original daytime photograph


Cleaned up photo


Finished Night Painting in Oils