Video Archive: The Wonders of Watercolor with Lynn Stender


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Welcome to Watercolor and all the wonders of this medium.

This single-session lesson will be more about the “Medium” and how to create layers, texture and the surprises watercolor presents.

For this class, I will be working on Arches watercolor paper, 10 x 14 block.  Please have extra watercolor scrap paper for testing color and brush strokes. I have included below a photo of my pallet, mostly Windsor Newton paints. Please use what you have and I will teach you how to mix a color that you might not have. I use a Judi Betts Shape makers brush, which is a double ended brush, one inch flat and #8 round, please use what you have as long as you have a flat and round brush.

You can paint along with me or just watch, whatever you are comfortable with.

I will send a photo of the subject a week before the class and go over how to draw or you can use transfer paper if you like.

Watercolor by Lynn Travis Stender

Watercolor by Lynn Travis Stender

Watercolor by Lynn Travis Stender

Message from the instructor, Lynn Stender:

May the Sun Smile upon your face and the Wind be at your Back”.

The subject below will give you a taste of the Wonders of Watercolor. Setting the mood of the painting in your sky, learning different ways to paint Clouds, creating movement in Water, drawing and sailing a Boat, and creating an array of greens from your palette.

I hope you will join me in painting this subject !


See my watercolor palette below, my brush and the recommended Arches paper: