Video Archive: The Use and Care of Oil Painting Materials with Howard Friedland


Uncovering the mysteries of mediums, varnishes, glazing, brush & paint care, etc.
Hope you can join this class!
This is an opportunity for you to learn all about oil painting materials, ask questions and get “live feedback” without leaving the comfort of your home.  We’ll cover a series of tips and tricks that every oil painter needs to know.
  • Brushes and Palette Knives – their use and care.
  • Solvents, mediums, varnishes, What they do, when and how to use them.
  • Stretching and mounting canvas and linen.
  • Panel Boxes to transport wet paintings.
  • How to preserve wet paint on your palette for later use without it drying up after painting sessions.
  • How to “oil-out” a dry painting to prepare it for additional painting.
This class includes the two-hour interactive live online class, a video of mounting canvas that will be sent out free with registration (a $10 value), a link to the recording of the session (available online for 1 week) and a series of documentation about these tips that will be sent after the class.