Video Archive: The iPhone is a great Travel Camera! – Editing Apps with Tillman Crane


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The best camera is the one you have with you.

This may sound like heresy, but it’s true! Most of us are rarely without our phone and the camera in today’s iPhone turns out to have excellent lens and support software. Learning to use the camera and its features to its full capability may even make it your camera of choice.

iPhone photo by Tillman Crane

Does it do everything that an expensive Digital Single Lens Reflex (DSLR) or Mirrorless camera does? No, but it also does things that you cannot do with these cameras. It does panoramic images easier than most cameras, is a great low light camera, some models come with three different lenses, the image file is large enough to make a print up to 16x20inches in size, and you can create images that look like tintypes or Kodachrome slides.

This class will show you how the iPhone camera functions, and how to capture, edit, post, and print your images. There will be handouts, in-class demonstrations, and assignments to help you understand the concepts presented in class. Each class will include lecture time and time to share some of your images and edit them together. In our last class we will share a final project with the group, using what you’ve learned over our weeks together.

Class Length: 1 1/2 hrs. plus time for questions

Price:  $55

6-Session Outline:

  • Week 1            Introduction to your iPhone

    What is does and what it does not do. The different shooting modes; different lenses in the iPhone; HEIC vs JPEG vs RAW capture; Portrait, Time Lapse, Live, Pano and Low Light modes.

  • Week 2            Storing and Editing your images with the iPhone

  • Week 3            Exploring What makes a good photograph?

    Light, Time, Lens, Vantage Point, and Style.

  • Week 4            Making better Portraits, Still Life, and Landscapes with your iPhone

  • Week 5            Using Different Camera and Editing Apps for your iPhone

    Hipstamatic, Tintype, Pro Camera+, Lightroom, Snapseed, Halide, Mobile Monet, Waterlogged, and I love Film.

  • Week 6            Putting it all together to tell your unique story