Video Archive: The Essentials of Painting Flowers in Oil with Pat Fiorello


The Essentials of Painting Flowers in Oil

Join instructor Pat Fiorello for a comprehensive on-line course where you will learn all you need to paint beautiful flowers in oil.

This series consists of 4 regular sessions of 3 hours each plus a bonus critique session of 1 1/2 hrs.

You will learn:

  • The importance of shape and how to simplify and depict a variety of flower types including roses, lilacs, hydrangea, pansies, daisies, and sunflowers
  • Creating a sense of form and depth through light and shadow
  • A simple “1-2-3” approach to keep from getting lost in the petals
  • How to keep color clean and vibrant (essential for floral subjects).  Avoiding “mud” which kills the freshness of flowers
  • How to paint white flowers that look realistic and “not chalky”
  • How to paint flowers indoors and outdoors-in both a garden scene and a still life setting
  • The impact of light on the color temperatures in your painting
  • How to paint convincing containers – clear glass vase, colored glass vase, ceramic, reflective metal, ceramic with patterns
  • How to handle leaves in your floral paintings
  • To develop your painting skills by moving beyond literal thinking to focus on the foundations of art- shape, value, color, and edges (that can be applied to any subject matter

This is a great opportunity to study with Pat without having to travel to be with her.  Save on gas, airfare and hotels!  Just paint along from your own home or studio.  As the weather gets cold this winter, make your goal to learn to paint florals in oils from the master – Pat Fiorello.

Click here to see more of Pat’s oil paintings.

Special video from Pat:  a Youtube link on how I set up a still life arrangement

What students from Pat’s past zoom classes had to say…

Another great class today. You really have strong teaching skills. I learned a LOT. The full hour allocated to critiques at the back end of your classes is so helpful. Your lessons sink in so well when you can point to examples of issues on someone’s canvas, but you also teach how to correct. And you are always very complimentary and talk about the positives as well.  ~ SG

It was fun! You are the best teacher ever! Thank you so much, time goes by so fast in your classes because they’re so engaging!   ~AW

I learned a lot, even though I’ve been painting in oil for many years. The Powerpoint lesson upfront was a good tool to show visuals which we then applied in the “hands on” painting studies.  I especially like that this particular multi-week course isn’t about creating one painting but, rather, helping the artist attendees think and maximize our creative judgment and awareness of tools at our disposal. This is a powerful teaching style and memorable as well.  ~SG

You will be sent a supply list, photo references or other materials for each class.

Class Length: Four 3 hour classes plus one bonus critique session of 1 1/2 hrs

Price:  $325

White Hydrangeas in Green, oil on canvas by Pat Fiorello