Video Archive: Shedding Light on Shadows-all mediums with Susan Blackwood


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Let’s Dance in our Shadows
This is a 3-part series for any medium

Find out how to plan your painting and paint the magic of shadows.  Shadows can do so much more than describe light and define form.

Learn to paint the many ways shadows can bend your paintings into beauty.  Find out how to paint their “whispers” and their “shouts” to enhance your paintings. 

With the principles taught in this class, I want you to plan to adjust your old paintings and create new paintings with shadows that have power!

Aim to take your paintings to the next level and beyond.


Breakfast is Served, by Susan Blackwood


On the Other Side, Oil painting by Susan Blackwood


In the Shadows, oil painting by Susan Blackwood


Little Bugs, painting by Susan Blckwood