Video Archive: Painting the Silent Silky World of Snow with Susan Blackwood


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This is a 2-session specialty class.

Susan will demonstrate all her secrets of capturing the soft, fluffy feeling of snow.  This is a 2-week class for both oils and watercolor.  While oils can capture the power and density of snow, watercolor is also a great medium for painting snow. It is translucent, just like snow. It can be sparkly, just like snow and when using wet and dry washes, watercolors can create wonderful patterns, that thrill the eyes.  We’ll experiment with both mediums and compare our results.

Join me for 2 classes as I demonstrate capturing a winter wonderland. I will be showing you special magic that makes snow become a personality in your painting.

Snow, watercolor by Susan Blackwood

Welcome Home, watercolor by Susan Blackwood

In all of her classes, before you pick up the brush, Susan will be demonstrating using Maps – (Making Artistic Plans) for successful paintings.From simple to complex compositions, no matter what subject you prefer, using these Plans will quickly bring success to your paintings.  I believe that puts the magic in paintings.

This class is excellent for any artist who paints in watercolor or oils no matter what level, from beginner to professional.

Light in the Night by Susan Blackwood

Sheep in the Snow, watercolor by Susan Blackwood