Video Archive: Painting Italy’s Famous Places with Howard Friedland


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Get Ready to Travel Again!
This is a 3-part series for oils

Whether you have already been over to “Bella Italia”, or have only seen photos of Italy’s most iconic places, you now have the opportunity to learn to paint some of them.

In my 3-week class I will lecture with a visual presentation and demonstrate how you can get the authentic flavor of Italy into your paintings.

Due to the current travel restrictions, for now we’ll all have to settle for a virtual trip to Italy. It’s the next best thing until we can all be together in the evening to toast with a glass of Italian wine, to a day of exhilarating painting.

Who knows, maybe after painting The Duomo in Florence or the  Gondolas on the Grand Canal in Venice you’ll have the urge to join us in Italy for a painting trip of a lifetime. Fantastico!!

On the Grand Canal, Venice, oil painting b Howard Friedland