Video Archive: Paint the “Seasons of Tuscany” in Acrylics – Summer with Lynn Stender


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Paint seasons of the Tuscan Landscape!

In this course we will paint a landscape in different color palettes ; Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter.

I will provide a photo of a landscape but if you have one your own you would like to use, that is great. I will demonstrate using the subject I provide for you, with a limited palette of colors for each season, and change the foliage accordingly.

For example, fields of poppies in spring, sunflowers in the summer, golden autumn leaves in fall, and lavender shadows on snow covered hills in Winter….

I will explain the importance of understanding the complementary color wheel and how it makes your paintings come alive!

Acrylic paint is very versatile and is the perfect medium for a beginner and accomplished painter as well.

Please join me as we enjoy our Virtual travels to Tuscany with our paint brush and canvas in hand.

This week we will concentrate on the colors of the Summer!

A message from Lynn:

Smiling Sunflower faces in Tuscany. Feel the heat of the Tuscan Sun! Painting sunflowers is so much fun. The repetitive pattern is what we will focus on in this landscape. Painting “mama” papa, and baby “ sunflowers to show the perspective element in this subject.

We are using Acrylic Paint.  I will go over the Color wheel and the limited palette we will be using to create our Summer Landscape. The basic colors you will need are:  (starter sets are great if this is your first time using Acrylics.)

• Titanium White
• Black/ Paynes Grey
• Cadmium Yellow
• Cerulean Blue
• Ultramarine Blue
• Yellow Ochre or Quinacridone Gold
• Cadmium Red
• Sap Green
• Alizarin Crimson
• Camium red
• Burnt Umber
• Raw Umber

I will be working on a small Canvas, 8 x 10 or 11 x 14. What ever size you are comfortable with is fine.
I use a set of Acrylic Brushes, which include a 1/2 flat, 1/4 flat, 3 rounds, #6, #8, #12.  Please have two containers of water, paper towels or paint rags. I use a Masterson covered palette with a sponge to keep my paints wet. If you don’t have a palette, paper plates or palette paper pads will work.  There are many starter sets available on line, , or Amazon. Liqutex, and Golden brands have complete sets.