Video Archive: Let’s Slide Water into Your Landscape Paintings – All Mediums with Susan Blackwood


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Let’s get “Splashing”
Ever Since the beginning of Man, water has been our life force = that means… find water or die. That also means…. Putting water into your paintings brings your paintings to life! As an extra bonus, water can bring a well spring of emotions to your paintings.
Are your paintings needing stronger composition or more interesting eye movement …. add sparkling water.  Looking for a deeper emotional response for your paintings, add water. I will show you the many moods water can create for successful paintings. This class will inspire you to put water ( lakes, creeks and even puddles) into your existing paintings and include it to your future creations.
Find out the how, why and when to include or add water into your paintings, any medium from traditional to contemporary. Water WORKS for your success!
Remember…we, humans, not only love to find water but we love to look at water. That is one of the many reasons water works for us in our paintings.
This one session will inspire your past and future paintings, no matter what your medium or your level.