Video Archive: Let’s Play With Knives! – (single session) with Susan Blackwood


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Using Your Palette Knife for Accents in Oil Paintings and Acrylic Paintings
A single session – Appetizers for painters.

No, this is not a cooking class….. Let’s explore where and why and when to use your PALETTE KNIFE. Yes we DO use it for mixing colors, BUT what can a palette knife do to enhance our paintings…. for any style and any subject…. and for all levels of artists… oil painters AND acrylic painters.

Beware: there are places to use the palette knife and places not to use your palette knife. Let’s explore these exciting additions to our paintings.

In this class I will show you examples of paintings that successfully use palette knives AND we will do exercises on how to use the blades and why you use different sizes and flexibility.

See how to add your final, delightful palette knife strokes to finish your painting.

BUT THE MOST EXCITING PART OF THE CLASS WILL BE WHEN YOU ADD PALETTE KNIFE STROKES TO YOUR OWN PAINTINGS! YES! I want you to bring at least one palette knife ( supply list will be provided ) and several of your paintings to the class. Then, I will explain, when, where and how YOU will add palette knife strokes to YOUR PAINTINGS right in the class, to add power and eye movement.

Passion of Tanyard Creek, oil by Susan Blackwood

Shine, oil by Susan Blackwood