Video Archive: Let’s Break the Rules! – for painting and drawing (3 parts) with Susan Blackwood


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This is a 3-part series for any medium: watercolors, oils, acrylic, pastel or graphite

Join my challenge to “Break the Compositional Rules in Painting and Drawing” and not get caught.

Knowing how and why to successfully “Break the Rules”  will give your paintings and drawings  strength.
First we will discover the “rules” of a bad painting composition and why…. then, I will show you how to “break” each rule for successful compositions. We find the rules…..  you will create paintings or drawings successfully “Breaking the Rules” and WIN!

All mediums welcome from drawing to painting.

I am so incredibly grateful to have found you and your husband (Howard Friedland) !!!  You both are terrific teachers and amazing artists. Your kindness, compassion and genuine desire for us, your students, to get the knowledge into our DNA is so wonderful.”  – Maria