Video Archive: Italian Grammar BOOSTER #3 – Trapassato


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This is a 2-part grammar refresher class for all levels.
In this series Marco will cover the past perfect , or trapassato.
Whether you are just starting out learning Italian or if you have been studying for a while, it’s always helpful to go back to basics and refresh yourself on essential grammar.  These classes are designed to be short and manageable for just an hour in 2-week spurts.  They will be recorded, so f you can’t make a class, don’t worry, just catch up with the video.
For anyone studying a foreign language, grammar may be the boring part, but it is essential to get a good foundation so your conversation later on will be correct.

Marco’s classes are lively and fun and, having studied both Latin and Greek, he is an expert in the derivations of our modern languages.  Come and refresh your understanding of Italian grammar and you will thank yourself later on.

Each 2-week session will focus on essential elements of grammar.  This series will emphasize the Past Perfect Verb Tense known as the Trapassato.