Video Archive: Impressionist Light and Shadow in Oils


Impressionist Light and Shadow in Oils
Roses on the Fence in Landscape
Join Pat Fiorello, an instructor who has led more than 10 programs with Il Chiostro since 2008, for this paint-along session in oils.

In this session, she will be painting the subject of Roses on the Fence outdoors in a landscape setting to illustrate how to convey light and shadows in oils.

Testimonial for Pat’s Zoom classes:

I absolutely loved this way of learning , i wasnt sure how an art class on zoom would go , because this was my first one , but i think it is so much more intimate the way you did it .. i was over your shoulder like i was beside you …SO MUCH BETTER! This was great , the details,  even when you just smudged with your finger the view was invaluable to me because that is how i learn.   – VW, 2023