Video Archive: How ya gonna keep em down on the Farm? – Oils with Howard Friedland


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This is a 3-part series for oils

What is it about farms and barns that evokes our primal feelings of family, tradition and homestead?
Those of us who grew up in big cities know that getting away to the country is a great way to relax and get back to nature and “ourselves”!  The countryside is a place where Tweets have a different meaning, fishing isn’t Phishing and dirt roads are a welcome respite from the Information Highway.
 In this 3 week class I will lecture and demonstrate how I approach painting bucolic farm scenes with barns and other farm favorites  such as hay bales, tractors, granaries, outbuildings, winding roads, and more.

Springhill Morning, oil painting by Howard Friedland

Class Format:

I know that some of you will have more experience than others and have perhaps taken workshops with other instructors with differing approaches. That’s why before we get started, this short intro video will familiarize you with some of the concepts and materials I will be using. This information is general painting information that I use when I paint like my palette of colors and other items of interest.  It’s good to get everyone acquainted with these fundamental ideas up front so we can get into the specific topic of each session faster.

Here is a link to the preparatory video:

Before the first class, I have some documents and videos to be sent out that the students will be able to read and review throughout the series. Some will also be sent out weekly.

    • Video— Before first class only- Preparatory video (orientation).  Link is above.
    • Document — Before first class only- Notes for specific topic (snow, trees, light and shadow, water reflections, etc.)
    • Document — Before first class only – How I block in a painting
    • Video— Each session will have a block-in video demonstration – just a video with a voice-over track.
    • Images — Each session – my reference photos will be sent to print out for following along with my block-in video and notes.

During each class I’ll work on my demonstration complete with commentary of the painting that I started in the block-in video.  Students are encouraged to watch and then complete their own painting.  You are invited to send your completed painting to me for a private critique.

Leverich Lane Barn, oil painting by Howard Friedland

Keep in Trucking’, oil painting by Howard Friedland

Red Barns, oil painting by Howard Friedland