Video Archive: How to Paint the Children in Your life-with Susan Blackwood


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Children’s bodies are different than adults.
This is a 3-part series capturing the likeness, bodies and postures of children
Let’s paint children, sleeping, playing and moving…

Summer Fun by Susan Blackwood

What better present than a painting of a child or group of children in your life from your past photos or new photos. Do you have a photo of your mom when she was a little girl, or you dad? What about your niece or nephew?
Children are fun to paint but they can be challenging! Let me show you easy ways to plan your painting. Capturing the feeling of your subject is exciting if you know the principles for successful paintings.
First you find your subject to paint. Next step, how to express the feeling. This class will help you find your artistic expression through the manipulation of negative space and how negative space can control the emotion of the painting. We will also discover when to use soft edges, hard edges and lost & found edges; and how to express your emotion through color and values.  From one child to groups of children, these techniques will bring new life and depth to your paintings, no matter what medium you use, or what style, from traditional representation to loose and impressionistic painting. 
When you learn these principles, your paintings will “tell the stories”. These principles are the backbone of expression for the universal language we call paintings. 
Then you will be able to create paintings for gifts that will be passed down for generations!
Hope you join me for 3 powerful weeks.
There will be demonstrations and homework. This class is excellent for any artist no matter what level, from beginner to professional.  All mediums.

Some examples of Susan’s paintings demonstrating children: