Video Archive: Finding Color in your Overcast Landscapes in Oil with Howard Friedland


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Painting in Overcast Locations
This is a 3-part series for oils

So, you arrive at the Plein Air event that you have been waiting months for and check the weather report.  To your horror, you see that it is going to be overcast for the duration.

Bummer, right?  Not necessarily!

Moody overcast lighting can be much easier to handle than full sunlight or partly sunny days.

In fact, “tonalist” painters much prefer to paint in overcast or low lighting situations. Grand Master painter Richard Schmid loved these opportunities and painted absolutely stunning paintings.

In this 3 session class, I will lecture and demonstrate techniques to help you see and paint those beautiful moody darker gray tones as well as pearly lighter gray tints that make a dull gray day come to life and sparkle.

Class Format:

In this 3-part series, Howard will demo setting up and beginning painting the selected scene.  Students can paint from the same scene Howard used or their own source material.  After each session, students should email their painting to Howard for a private critique.

Springtime in the Rockies, oil painting by Howard Friedland


Morning in Giverny, oil painting by Howard Friedland


Autumn Rhythm, oil painting by Howard Friedland