Video Archive: Creating Beautiful Skies in Landscapes – Watercolors, 3 Parts with Susan Blackwood


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How to Create Beautiful Skies with Watercolor

How to change your sky from average (boring) to incredible (WOW!).

Okay, so you are out on location ( or in your studio) painting to your heart’s content. 
Here it comes, the time to put in the sky..BUT WAIT! !!! Before you put in one more sky, come find out why! 

Too often artists put the sky that they see into their paintings. 
By THINKING AND PAINTING with a purpose, your skies can be under control and add power to your paintings. 
Rethink the reason for a sky and know why.  Painting Skies intro

Six types of skies will be explored with when and how and why to add them to your paintings.

Demonstrations and exercises will be in Watercolors

  1. Sky dome, Clouds
  2. Storms
  3. Sunset-sunrise
  4. Rainbows
  5. Snow/fog/mist
  6. Night skies

This class is for all levels.