Video Archive: Chianti Charm, Painting in Watercolor with Pat Fiorello


Paint the beautiful flowers of the Chianti area in Tuscany in watercolor
Join Pat Fiorello, an instructor who has led more than 10 programs with Il Chiostro since 2008, for a paint-along session where you’ll create a beautiful watercolor painting that reflects a taste of the flowers of Tuscany.  Chianti is the famous wine-producing area in the center of Tuscany between Siena and Florence.  Because of the micro climate and the rocky soil, the wine is a hearty red and the flowers are bright and vibrant.
Painting will focus on achieving convincing form and depth, rich, clean color and expressive brushwork.
Why not explore some red Chianti wine from your local wine store and bring a glass along for the critique!
Pat, Your zoom class is one of the great benefits of this crazy year.  I have been so grateful to see your beautiful artwork and have always wanted to sit in one your classes and learn from you. With zoom that can happen now!!  I love your style of teaching…sharing how you are thinking and applying all the tools/wisdom/talent that you have.  I’m so excited to catch your vibe!  ~ recent online student
OK, I’m hooked. I went into this having no idea what to expect or how I would respond to distance learning. It was great. I already signed up for November – see you then.  ~BB

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