Video Archive: Building Phobia? Sketching Architecture Made Easy with Susan Blackwood, Part 1 & 2


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Perspective Made Easy – Don’t Let Buildings SCARE You!
When we travel, we fall in love with window boxes, doorways, hallways, and buildings. 
Then, when we sit down to sketch or paint them… they scare us. All those lines just seem too hard to capture on paper or canvas. 
For 50 years, I have been traveling to amazing places all over the world and, at the same time, teaching artists how to create wonderful pictures of buildings, their parts or the whole city block. With a few simple concepts, I can show you how to embrace those charming architectural subjects that will make your paintings and sketches sing!
During these 2 hour classes I will show you ways to capture the perspective accurately. We will explore several ways of sketching on locations anywhere in the world and have you coming home with wonderful creations.