Video Archive: Beyond the Poppies, Painting in Oils with Pat Fiorello


Paint a Tuscan landscape with poppies in oils

Join Pat Fiorello, an instructor who has led more than 10 programs abroad with Il Chiostro since 2008, for a paint-along session where you’ll create a beautiful landscape painting in oil that reflects the spirit of Italy.  In this class, we’ll paint the joy of Tuscany’s rolling hills with this scene of a villa set on a hilltop beyond the lush poppy fields.

Painting will focus on achieving convincing form and depth, rich, clean color and expressive brushwork.

Click here to see more of Pat’s oil paintings.

Poppies – As you might know, poppies in Italy are bright red.  They are wild and appear only in late May-early June.  They rarely appear in the same fields twice, so we have to hunt to find them every spring.  Sometimes we are rewarded with a great find, like is pictured below, and other times – nothing.  While aesthetically we love the blood-red fields along the side of the country roads, the farmers actually consider them weeds (they are) that need to be plowed up as soon as possible.