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    Going to the Cinque Terre with Susan?

This is a 3-session specialty class for those wanting to begin painting with watercolors.

This series is designed for those who have never picked up a brush!  We’ll start at the beginning and guide you step-by-step all the way through to producing 3 finished watercolors.  We’ll start out simple and progress as the weeks proceed.

You can paint again along with the recording.  When you have finished, you can email your painting to Susan who will send you a private critique so you are ready for the next session.

Each session, Susan will demonstrate a new painting.  The series is designed to take you through every aspect of:

  • How to start a painting
  • How to do the middle of a painting and
  • How to finish a painting in watercolors


An important part of learning to paint is understanding the supplies.  At the beginning your kit will be simple.  I will be showing the supplies you will need…. and how to take care of them. 

Traveling with Watercolors

This is a great time of year to learn watercolors because it is so much fun to sit outside and paint.  I will show everyone how to easily and simply pack watercolor supplies so you can travel with them – into your own garden or around the world (why not join me in Cinque Terre in June?) 

When you sign up, it includes the videos from each class and 3 critiques from me of your new paintings.  If the time or date are not good for you, don’t worry, the recordings will be very helpful.

Once you complete this online class, you will be able to start creating  paintings as soon as you start traveling.  Of course there will be lots more to learn on our trip, but this class will prepare you. 

Use this as a Refresher

Hey experienced watercolorists, you are welcome, too. If you have been painting for a while but want to go back to the basics and strengthen your foundation in watercolors this will be a great refresher class.

Samples of watercolors by Susan Blackwood: