Video Archive: Appetizers-single session classes – Squint Like You Mean It! with Susan Blackwood


for any medium, style or subject matter, from Realistic to Impressionistic or Abstract paintings

Appetizers is Susan’s single-session series on how to raise your paintings to the next level with successful concepts and principles.  Each class will feature a new topic.  These classes are for any medium and all styles of painting, from loose to tight, traditional to abstract.

Susan has designed a series of mini classes, one session each on an interesting painting principle, condensed for easy “consumption”. 

SPECIAL BONUS – Also included: I will give each participant one personal critique during the week after this class ends.  You have the option to send an image of one of your paintings or a reference image for a future painting.

This week’s topic is Squint Like You Mean It!:

Why Squinting Improves your painting, no matter what you paint. Squinting is the way we can fine tune our paintings at the beginning, in the middle and just before we lay down our brushes at the end.

If you can’t make the date or time, sign up anyway and get the video of the class and one personal critique.

And by the way, if you missed one of Susan’s earlier classes, you can always experience them through our Video Archives.

The Golden Years, by Susan Blackwood