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This is a special 2-session class on Abstract Collage

Cultivate curiosity and a desire to create and play by experimenting with other materials.  Experience the pleasure that combining collage and spontaneous painting can give you.

Join me &  Il Chiostro workshops for a unique ABSTRACT COLLAGE WORKSHOP.  This workshop builds upon our previous Techniques series, but even students who did not take those past workshops, can enjoy Abstract Collage.

This package of 2 sessions is designed for beginner thru advanced students who want to explore painting with acrylic and/or oil paint to create art by combining collage techniques with abstract painting. Students will learn a series of exercises and technical skills to develop spontaneity and expressiveness to capture composition, form, light, volume, and movement on the canvas.

Students will make a minimum of 3 painting exercises relating some collage skills with abstract painting methods.  We’ll integrate techniques and image structures to explore new art materials and their applications.

In this Workshop, you will work with the right side of your brain, very intuitively, and each activity will be different for every person. It will also be very interactive.  In the critiques, seeing how the other students are resolving their paintings, will help all students learn.

The exercises (see examples below) are experimental enough to push student’s spontaneity and creativity yet focused to provide clear technical information. Abstract is not simply messing about with paint but rather an optimal way to express gestures, emotions, fleeting moments, and subtleties for visual interpretation.

So please join me to explore Abstract Collage Painting with your intuitiveness and sense of adventure.

See suggested materials list below.

2-Session Outline:

Class 1 – Presentation. Introduction

Define Abstract Painting. Goals of the workshop. What students are going to learn.  Brief slide show of the most important Abstract Collage samples in art history.

Exercise 1: Combining painting with magazines, newspapers and pictures collage. Students will collage different kinds of images from magazines, newspapers or pictures on one canvas. Leave it to dry for next class!

Exercise 1: Combining painting with Magazines, newspapers and pictures collage

Exercise 2:  Students will make an abstract collage gluing different textured materials and papers, then adding some paint.  We’ll follow a visual reference sample (without copying it) to understand how to manipulate the different materials according with their own expression.  We’ll play and combine the materials with some abstract elements in the composition, like strokes, texture, form, volume, movement and colors.

Exercise 2: Make an abstract collage gluing different textures, materials & panting

Class 2

Exercise 3:  Students will make a background base with some colored papers.  Leave it to dry for next hour!

Exercise 3: Make an abstract collage gluing different colors papers & panting

Finish Exercise 1:  Students will add some paint following the previous composition and palette, unifying the painting with the collage in a very strong connected composition, adding more collage layers on top of the painting if they feel necessary until complete the work.

Exercise 1: Combining painting with Magazines, newspapers and pictures collage

Finish Exercise 3:  Students will add painting according with their expression, playing and combining the previous collage with some abstract elements in the composition, like strokes, texture, form, volume, movement and colors.

Art Materials List

  • Acrylic paints 8 oz. Any brand: Liquitex Basic, Artist Loft, Blick, etc.
  • Ultramarine blue, emerald green, titanium white, cadmium red medium, cadmium yellow light, black, orange cadmium, crimson red, dioxizine violet, phtalo blue
  • 1 Gel Medium 8oz.
  • 1 Mate medium 8 oz.
  • 3 palette knives (metal or plastic) medium, small and large
  • Oil Pastels or Crayons and color markers
  • One set of four sizes of square Bristle brushes: 1/8” flat bristle brush, 1/2” flat bristle brush, 3/4” flat bristle brush, 1” flat bristle brush.
  • 16” x 19” acrylic disposable paper palette
  • 2HB pencils, one eraser, one sharpener
  • 2-3 Stretched canvases (18 x 24″ or larger)
  • 1 scissors
  • 2 8oz Empty cans for water
  • Rags or paper towels

You can purchase materials from the following online retailers: Amazon, BLICK & Michaels.

Additional Materials

Magazines, newspaper, construction paper, color paper, wrapping paper, cardboard, craft paper, velvet paper, gift paper, designed paper etc.  to cut for collage.