Video Archive: About Painting Loose, Impressionistic Flower Gardens in Oils with Howard Friedland


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Spring is in the air! 
This is a 3-part series for oils

It’s time for budding trees and flowers to start popping up all over!

Why not learn to paint your favorite flower garden as French Impressionist Claude Monet did in Giverny?

If you love beautiful color (and who doesn’t?) this class is for you! Flowers give us the opportunity to play with color like no other subject.

In this 3-session course, I will lecture with a slide presentation and demonstrate how I approach painting several different flower gardens that I have photographed in Europe over the years.

You can ask questions as I demonstrate.  The classes will be recorded.  During the week, you can paint from either my reference photo or your own favorite scene.  We’ll have a critique of everyone’s work before the next class.

Spring doesn’t last forever, so, seize this time to learn and revel in painting flower gardens in nature’s magnificent palette of color!

Class Format:

In this 3-part series, Howard will demo setting up and beginning painting the selected scene.  From the recording, students can begin their own painting.  They can paint from the same scene Howard used or their own source material.  Students should email their painting to Howard for a private critique.  After receiving Howard’s feedback, students should proceed to the second recording and so on until the final image has been critiqued by Howard.

French Hollyhocks, oil painting by Howard Friedland


Grove Street Hydrangeas, oil painting by Howard Friedland


Honfleur Sunflowers, oil painting by Howard Friedland


The Blue Gate, oil painting by Howard Friedland