Video Archive: About Painting Boats in Oils with Howard Friedland


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Row, row, row your boat gently down the stream!
This is a 3-part series for oils

Human’s earliest means of long distance transportation are rafts and boats. Civilizations relocated from one continent to another with rafts and crude boats thousands of years ago. Countries have been conquered by sea. Fishing boats provide a major source of  our diet and sailing is an element of our recreational activity. These and other reasons are why folks have had a love affair with boats for eons!
That is why, when we see a well executed boat painting, we have an almost primal attraction to them. They conjure images in our imagination about where the boat has been, where it can take us and the lives of the people who use them.
It’s crucial that boats be drawn proportionately accurate or the painting could turn out to be a “Titanic” disaster.
In this class we will learn how to paint boats accurately and believably, keeping the charm, drama and “story” available for the viewer’s imagination.

Le Bateau au Repos, oil by Howard Friedland

Lumbarda Dry Dock, oils by Howard Friedland