Video Archive: Painting Garden Roses-Oils with Pat Fiorello


How to capture the essence of Roses in oils
Join Pat Fiorello, an instructor who has led more than 10 programs with Il Chiostro since 2008, for a paint-along session where you’ll learn to paint the world’s favorite flower – roses!
Here are some highlights of the class:
  • When painting roses (or anything) we are painting shapes of color that when seen in the context of the painting communicate something that we read as a rose.
  • First and foremost, we need to understand the shape of the flowers
  • Then we need to understand the architecture of the rose, it’s form- where the light falls, where the shadow shapes are.
  • The  deep center of a rose is usually warmer, darker and more chromatic, even may have some small shapes of dark accents. Also look for other form or cast shadows on the rose where no light is hitting the rose.
  • We are always painting shapes of color, so squint and see the shapes of the light and paint those on top of the dark. Simplify!
Here’s a 7 minute video that I think will give you some good instruction on how the simplify roses to capture their essence without getting lost in the details:

When you make this purchase we will send you the link to this video and the instructor’s contact information.  When you complete your painting you can email the image to the instructor for a one-time critique.