Video Archive: Beginning Oil Painting 1, 2 & 3 with Pat Fiorello


These 3 sessions are designed specifically for those who are brand new to oil painting
If you’re itching to learn something new, I’m excited to introduce this class for total beginners.
I’m calling it ” Painting – La Dolce Vita.” Painting has enriched my life so much. I love opening that door for others to have a taste of the sweetness painting brings to life. These courses are designed for total beginners so no experience necessary!
If you need supplies, I suggest you order the following from Binder Art online.  They have assembled a package of exactly what I believe you’ll need to start out.  They are extending a very attractive discounted price to my students.  You should order it about 2 weeks before the class starts to allow time for delivery:

The Myth of Talent

This video, The Myth of Talent, ( 10 minute) includes how I got started painting at age 35- with my first paintings and why I believe everyone can learn to paint.   It’s a talk I usually share with my beginner students, but it is relevant for anyone who is interested in learning to paint.

All  that people need  to paint is a bit of instruction to be pointed in the right direction, practice, practice, practice and giving up the notion that they can’t do in. The good news- all 3 of those things are under our control. So remember anyone can do it! And you already are!

How to Paint in Oils
The Introduction to Oil Painting program will provide you with the basic foundation to get started in this classic and rich medium.
You will learn:
  • oil painting materials
  • color mixing
  • technical tips
  • painting essentials
  • identifying and controlling values
  • creating form and depth
  • simple compositional tips
  • we will do a “paint along” of a simple landscape scene so you will create a painting. I’ll break down the painting step by step so you understand how to approach a painting start to finish
  • sessions will be recorded so you can go back and watch again
Supplies: Binders Art Supply has helped me to set up a beginner watercolor supply kit that we will use for the class that will make it easy and very cost effective to get the supplies you will need. The link to order the kit is:
I recommend you order supplies 2 weeks prior to start of class to allow for shipping. I will include a video overview of materials prior to the class.

Some samples of Pat’s oil paintings:

To see more of Pat’s artwork visit:


When you make this purchase we will send you the link to this video and the instructor’s contact information.  When you complete your painting you can email the image to the instructor for a one-time critique.