Video Archive: Switching Brushes-Oil Painting Lessons for Watercolorists, 4 parts with Susan Blackwood


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This is a 4-part series: How to Switch from Watercolors to Oils
What to Know to Make a successful and easy Switch
Okay, so you have had a great time painting in the spontaneous world of watercolors, but the dark rich colors of oils are tugging at your sleeve and your brushes. Find out who you are as an oil painter!
 Do you dare dip your brushes in the gooey thick world of oils? 
In 2003, after 32 years as a successful award winning  watercolorist, I laid down my watercolor brushes ( for a year ) and dove right into the world of canvas, thinners, liquid mediums, varnish, paint that takes days to dry and stiff brushes with long handles… the world of oils. You know what? I had a ball and along the way, I learned how to easily slip into the groove for successful oils. 
Watercolors are completely different from oils. Both have incredible qualities, but like two completely different children, both mediums must be handled in special ways. They each have special ways that thrill me. Let me show you how to quickly get into the groove of painting with oils.
If you have been wanting to try oils, I will show you the way, This class will teach you the differences between the two mediums, how to hold the brushes, do you need an easel, what colors to use, how to mix the colors, what mediums to use, what about white, do you use black, how to varnish and why, and the step by step procedures ( that are different than watercolors)  for successful oil paintings. Let me quickly help you make the switch.
UPDATE:  For 17 years I have been successfully painting in both mediums, watercolors and oils, and as with two completely different children…. I, absolutely, equally love both of them.