ONLINE CLASS: Lightroom, Part III: Printing, Book-Making, Slide Show, emailing, and Sharing with the World

DATES: 02/18/2021 - 02/18/2021
PRICE: $29.00

Lester Lefkowitz is a New York-based professional photographer who has photographed in all fifty states, twenty countries, Antarctica and Puerto Rico. He has provided images to many Fortune-500 companies and most major publications, from National Geographic to Time Magazine to The New York Times.

Lester is the author of numerous books and articles on photography, and has been a consultant to both Kodak and Polaroid. He has taught workshops and lectured at many arts, educational and professional institutions, and is a very popular teacher at The International Center of Photography (ICP). From introductory classes to advanced lighting, from basic Photoshop to close-up photography, Lester has been an enthusiastic instructor to hundreds of students.

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Lester was an early adopter of digital photography, but is still pleased to assist film photographers based on his years of experience with that lovely (old) medium. His knowledge of state-of-the-art digital imaging is extensive, working with both Macs and PCs, numerous digital cameras, and with a long list of software, including Photoshop, Lightroom, and Mac Photo.

Lester is a major producer of stock photography; creating images for the largest stock photo agencies in the world. His subject matter ranges from landscapes to cityscapes, flowers to lasers, architecture to surgery.

This is Part III of a four-part Lightroom tutorial  

Now that you’ve properly imported, keyworded and organized you fantastic photographs, and tweaked them to perfection, Lester will show you how easily it is to show them off to the world.  You’ll learn how to make prints, while controlling borders and placement on a page (adding a copyright notice if you so desire); make contact sheets and picture packages; make a side show (with audio) and export it as a PDF or MP3 for the world to see;  make an honest-to-goodness real book;  and export files in various sizes and configurations for email, social media or uploading to a lab.

You’ll also see how easy it is is to share your photographs with anyone in the world who has an internet connection.

Lester will send all participants extensive notes from his presentation after each class.

You can see some of Lester’s work at

Class Date:  Lightroom Part III – Thursday, February 18

Time:  3pm EST (That is 2 pm Central time, 1 pm Mountain time and 12 noon Pacific time)

Length of Class:  1 1/2 hrs. + questions

Price:  $29 for a single lesson.  Save time and register for these last 2 now.

Full series:

  • January 21 – Lightroom Part I – Introduction:  Importing, Organizing, and Keywording
  • February 4 – Lightroom Part II – The Develop Module – learn how to “tweak” your images to perfection using the multitude of tools
  • February 18 – Lightroom Part III – Printing, Book-Making, Slide Show, Emailing, and Sharing with the World – you’ll learn all about exporting to emails and social media, how to make a book, a slide show, prints and contact sheets.
  • March 4 – Lightroom Part IV – More Advanced Features of Lightroom

Join Lester in his next workshop in Italy:  Photography in the Dolomites and Venice, September 2021

Village in the Dolomites, photo by Lester Lefkowitz

This class is online.  You can enjoy it from your own home using your laptop, iPad or smartphone.

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