ONLINE CLASS: Fearless Watercolor – Verona and Lake Garda

DATES: 10/04/2023 - 11/08/2023
PRICE: $190.00

Jan has taught FEARLESS WATERCOLORS at the Art League of Long Island and The Artists Studio at Chelsea Mansion. Since March 2020, however, she has taught exclusively on line and now reaches students from all of the US and internationally. Every year Jan does a 4-day workshop at the Landgrove Inn in Vermont and Artists’ Trip to Europe.  Starting Fall 2021 she will be resuming in-person classes at the Firefly Artists second floor in Northport, NY where she also exhibits and sells her paintings.

As a watercolorist, Jan longs to embrace all the wonderful things this medium has to offer, blossoms, drips, unexpected things that happen – lost edges, movement of pigment. Her comment:

I want to keep them all to remember that it is very much like life itself. Most artists feel that this medium is difficult to control and the most challenging to paint with. But I feel the total opposite of this. I long for all of the uniqueness and beauty watercolors have to offer and to leave room for the viewer to fill in what may be missing or nearly suggested.

As a teacher Jan loves to share this passion of watercolor techniques, theories and joy with all of her students, hoping that they find enjoyment in interpreting their world with paint, splatters, drips and color by embracing the unexpected and unplanned.

Jan has exhibited at the Heckscher Museum, the William Reis Gallery, the Huntington Arts Council, the Long Island Museum, the Art League of Long Island, The Art Guild and is a permanent artist at The Firelyfly Gallery in Northport, NY.

Jan graduated from the Fashion Institute of Technology and has been a graphic artist designing marketing materials for businesses for 45 years. Recently retired from that, she looks forward to focusing entirely on painting and teaching.

Pantheon Splashes

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Artists Statement:

Every painting I choose to paint focuses on the question … what drew me to this subject? As I move through this question, I look through a filter that asks what’s next and then go where the answers lead me. The subject may be a place I visited during my travels, I will be called to a particular photo, or a painting I started en plein aire. It may be a photograph someone shows me of a person, a child, a couple that captured a moment, an expression, a posture. But when I see it, there is a moment where something grabs me and causes me to pause. I am overcome by a stirring and a knowing that I must paint it.

I don’t choose my subjects as much as they seem to choose me. My intention is always to create an unexpected depiction of the subject, a colorful interpretation, not a literal translation. I enjoy using this unusual color palette to bring you into the painting and though, you may have been seen that place before, I wish for you to feel you are seeing it through a different lens for the very first time.

Verona – the City of Romance; Lake Garda – the water and the mountains

Lake Garda scene

I was once you. Struggling to become a better watercolorist. Seeking classes, workshops, teachers and techniques and mostly walking away a bit discouraged and disappointed.

Well, I just may have some of the key ingredients you’ve been looking for.

I invite you to be part of an experience that will open new ways to approach a blank sheet of white paper. Along with techniques, my clear process of putting paint and water to paper will help you more successfully express your passion for this medium.

I want you to become empowered by clear and innovative ideas. You already have the passion and desire, combined with my suggestions ~ you can become a more confident watercolorist.

This series is for all levels of students – beginners to advanced.  Jan will guide you on how to work from photos and paintings to produce imaginative and unique watercolors of scenes of Italy.

Class Dates: 4 Wednesdays, 2 in October, 2 in November:  October 4 & 11, November 1 & 8, 2023

Time:  12:00 noon ET (That is 11am Central time, 10am Mountain time and 9am Pacific time; 5 pm in Britain and 6 pm in Europe)

Class Length: 2 hours
All classes are recorded and sent to participants afterwards.  If you miss a class, no worries, just watch the recording at your own pace.

Price:  $190 for 4 classes

Student work on display from workshop in Tuscany, 2019


This class is online.  You can enjoy it from your own home using your laptop, iPad or smartphone.

Once you register, we’ll send you a Zoom link to join the class on the specific day, at the appointed hour.

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We will send you the zoom invitation once you register for the class.

Please log in a few minutes early to greet the others and to get situated.