ONLINE CLASS: Customize a Cooking Class for Your Friends or Family

DATES: 03/01/2021 - 12/31/2021
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(Linda Mironti)

(Rick Rodgers)
Linda Mironti
Rick Rodgers

Linda Mironti is a graduate of The Art Institute of New York formerly The New York Restaurant School. Linda was chef and co-owner of 2 Diva’s catering company and has been working as a professional chef for various companies and as a private chef for the last 25 years.

Linda’s real passion and experience, however, first began in her grandma’s kitchen when she was a little girl. Then at age 11, she traveled to Italy for the first time – to her parent`s birthplace Morolo, a small mountain town about 1 hour south of Rome. There she was like an Italian Heidi. She loved the idea of living off the land. She constantly followed her aunt around, watching and helping her make fresh pasta, gnocchi and polenta. She foraged for chestnuts and mushrooms with her cousins and picked and prepared treasures from her grandfather`s garden. The abundance of fruit and nut trees, some of which she had never seen before gave her an appreciation for what the Italian soil had to offer, not to mention her first love affair – figs!

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Linda learned that taking the time to make food a loving and special experience can bring joy and warmth to peoples lives. “Some of the best times in my life have been in a kitchen or around a table sharing good food with friends.” As the Executive Chef at Il Chiostro for the last 25 years she has had the opportunity to be in Italy and take advantage of the finest fresh seasonal ingredients. This, combined with a creative sense of adventure has made cooking an art form for her, second only to her love of singing.

Rick Rodgers has won awards for both his culinary teaching and his work as a cookbook writer, editor, and collaborator.  Among his over 60 books are THE FRANKIE AVALON ITALIAN FAMILY COOKBOOK, SUPER TUSCAN with Gabriele Corcos and Debi Mazar, SHARE with Chris Santos, and over 10 titles for Williams-Sonoma.

We’ve all been separated from our friends and families for a whole year.  Why not get everyone together to cook together?  A virtual cooking class is great for a birthday party, holiday celebration, anniversary or even just a Saturday night get-together with friends.

Let us know how many in your group and when you want to meet on Zoom and we will design a class specifically for you.  We’ll create the experience where you all cook together along with one of our chefs.  It will be an easy follow-along class, but totally interactive.  You can ask questions and talk with one another while you prepare your meal.

Then, when the class is finished, you can all eat your meal together – on Zoom.

We offer a wide range of possible menus and dishes, including:

  • focus on plant-based options
  • luscious desserts
  • traditional Italian dishes

In all classes you will get expert tips on how to make mealtimes easierTo get started , just send us an inquiry by clicking on the Sign Up Now button on the upper right.  We’ll contact you and begin designing your event.

Date and Time:  that’s up to you.  It will depend on the time zones of the people in your group.  You might make it a lunch or a dinner.

Price:  a flat fee, depending on the size of your group, length of class, menu, … (approximately $50 p/p)

We’ll record the class and send you and your group a link to the video when it is over.


This class is online.  You can enjoy it from your own home using your laptop, iPad or smartphone.

Once you register, we’ll send you a Zoom link to join the class on the specific day, at the appointed hour.

You don’t need a Zoom account.  Just click the link and you will be admitted.

We will send you the zoom invitation once you register for the class.

Please log in a few minutes early to greet the others and to get situated.