ONLINE CLASS: Creating Flavor with Linda

DATES: 10/16/2020 - 12/04/2020
PRICE: $50.00

Linda Mironti is a graduate of The Art Institute of New York formerly The New York Restaurant School. Linda was chef and co-owner of 2 Diva’s catering company and has been working as a professional chef for various companies and as a private chef for the last 25 years.

Linda’s real passion and experience, however, first began in her grandma’s kitchen when she was a little girl. Then at age 11, she traveled to Italy for the first time – to her parent`s birthplace Morolo, a small mountain town about 1 hour south of Rome. There she was like an Italian Heidi. She loved the idea of living off the land. She constantly followed her aunt around, watching and helping her make fresh pasta, gnocchi and polenta. She foraged for chestnuts and mushrooms with her cousins and picked and prepared treasures from her grandfather`s garden. The abundance of fruit and nut trees, some of which she had never seen before gave her an appreciation for what the Italian soil had to offer, not to mention her first love affair – figs!

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Linda learned that taking the time to make food a loving and special experience can bring joy and warmth to peoples lives. “Some of the best times in my life have been in a kitchen or around a table sharing good food with friends.” As the Executive Chef at Il Chiostro for the last 25 years she has had the opportunity to be in Italy and take advantage of the finest fresh seasonal ingredients. This, combined with a creative sense of adventure has made cooking an art form for her, second only to her love of singing.

Creating Healthy Dishes based on our understanding of Taste and Flavor
It’s a new season with plenty of ingredients to experiment with to create flavors.  Building on the past weeks of learning about the elements of taste and flavor, Linda will continue to create unique dishes built on one ingredient or magically emerging from her – and your – pantry.
No need to have taken the previous series to jump into this new one.  For new participants, you might want to watch this introductory video to get you up to speed:

I am excited to share everything I have learned about flavor, taste and all that makes food delicious and satisfying along with giving you the tools to create alternative plant-based dishes that could change side dishes into entrées.

This is not a series of traditional cooking classes using recipes; it is a series of 4 biweekly classes that will give you the opportunity to discover and sharpen your skills to create a food experience that is healthy, sensual and satisfying every time.

These classes will be interactive.  I want to hear from you – I’ll ask you to share with me what you want to learn about enriching the flavors of the food you prepare. The adventure lies in following our senses, trying to decipher what makes a good meal great. Come with me on this adventure and explore:

  • How to use our senses to create flavor
  • Taste vs. Flavor
  • What is a flavor profile and how does it help us build a dish?
  • How do we find the perfect balance?
  • How do we get the full experience of the food we eat?
  • How to use all of our senses to fully appreciate food and recognize what is personally important to us

Class Date: Friday, October 16.
(Subsequent 3 classes are biweekly on October 30, November 13 and December 4)

Time:  12pm (noon) Eastern Time (That is 11am Central time, 10am Mountain time and 9am Pacific time; 5pm in Britain and 6pm in Europe)

Class Length:  2 hours

Price:  $50 for a single class.
Or you can register for all 4 sessions at the discounted price of $160.

This class is online.  You can enjoy it from your own home using your laptop, iPad or smartphone.

Once you register, we’ll send you a Zoom link to join the class on the specific day, at the appointed hour.

You don’t need a Zoom account.  Just click the link and you will be admitted.

We will send you the zoom invitation once you register for the class.

Please log in a few minutes early to greet the others and to get situated.