ONLINE CLASS: Abstract Human Figure Painting

DATES: 04/14/2021 - 05/05/2021
PRICE: $160.00

Pablo Contrisciani is an award winning Argentinean artist and art instructor residing in Miami since 1998. His artwork is held in public and corporate collections in the USA, Latin America and Europe. He has exhibited internationally in many prestigious art institutions and galleries. His work has been reviewed in several important publications, newspapers and art magazines.

Pablo earned his Masters in painting at the National University of Fine Arts of La Plata, Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1990. He was designated Professor’s Assistant of Painting in the Department of Fine Arts, UNLP, Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1989, accepting this position for four years.

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He taught as Professor of Painting in the Escuela Municipal de Arte of La Plata, Buenos Aires, Argentina between 1991- 93.

Since arriving in the United States, Pablo has been working as an instructor teaching painting courses and workshops in several institutes in Miami. He has been teaching from 1999 to the present at the Oolite Arts (ex Art Center South Florida) five classes weekly in all levels, for beginners, intermediate and advance students. He teaches on average 300 students per year in acrylic and oil as well as mixed media. Pablo is an experienced teacher in both abstract and representational painting. His classes include: Painting Basics Acrylics & Oils, Figurative Painting, Plein Air Landscape Painting, Experimental Abstract Painting, Painting as the Impressionist, and Color Theory workshop.


Abstract Human figure is to abandon yourself in an intuitive painting process of
experimentation that will take you to a journey of discovery

Abstract painting is a way to express and discover your inner self….

This course is designed for beginners and advanced students who want to explore painting with acrylic and/or oil paint to create abstract works of art having the Human figure as a subject matter.

This workshop is a continuation of the Abstract Painting workshop, Part I and II, but even students who did not take those, can take Abstract Human Figure workshop.

Students will learn a series of exercises and technical skills to transform the conventional human figure representation in a more free and spontaneous composition. They will focus in the “abstraction” of the human figure, playing with its shape and form beyond realism, searching the expressiveness of the body, capturing color, form, light, volume, texture and its movement.

Students will make a minimum of six painting exercises to guide them to learn abstract painting methods, techniques, and image structures, discovering how to direct the transition from the traditional human figure into the abstract human, exploring several art materials and their applications.

In this class, you will work with the right side of your brain, very intuitively, and each activity will be different for every person. It will also be very interactive. In the critiques, by seeing how the other students are resolving their paintings, will help all students learn .

The exercises (see examples below) are experimental enough to push student’s spontaneity and creativity yet focused to provide clear technical information. Abstract is not simply messing about with paint but rather an optimal way to express gestures, emotions, fleeting moments, and subtleties for visual interpretation.

So please join me to explore Abstract Human Figure painting with your intuitiveness and sense of adventure.

Class Date: Wednesday evenings, April 14, 21, 28 & May 5, 2021

Time:  6:00 pm Eastern Time (That is 5:00pm Central time, 4:00pm Mountain time and 3:00pm Pacific time)

Class Length:  2 hours per session including frequent critique of works in progress.

Price:  $160 for all 4 sessions.

All classes will be recorded and sent to participants to review or to catch up if you need to miss a class.

See suggested materials list below.

4-Session Outline:


Presentation. Introduction. Define Abstract Human Figure Painting. Goals of the workshop. What students are going to learn.

Brief slide show of the most important abstract human figure artists samples in the art history.

Exercise 1:  students will make one or two paintings of abstract human figure with palette knives, following a visual reference sample to understand how to manipulate the figure more freely according with the expression of strokes, texture and colors.


Exercise 2:  Students will make their own abstract Human figure painting using a photo that they choose as a visual reference. After the first experience in the last class, the students are going to transform a realistic picture of a human figure in an abstract one.

They are going to prepare the first layer of Exercices 3 & 4. One with the stain technique and the other with the monoprint technique.



Exercise 3:  Students will make an abstract painting with two or more human figures following visual reference samples from artist Jean Dubuffet, understanding  how to make an abstract composition using the human figures as “abstract” element. They are going to use a pouring technique to draw the figures previously and after paint.

Exercise 4: Students will make an abstract painting with two or more human figures following visual reference samples from a photo they choose. They will start to paint first using the monoprint technique, then after this first layer drays, they are going to draw the images with the pouring technique.



Exercise 5: Students will make an abstract painting with two or more human figures following visual reference samples from artist Jean Dubuffet. They will learn a technique mixing colors with sand making a texture paste and apply it with palette knives.

Exercise 6:  Students will make their own abstract human figures painting using a photo that they choose as a reference, using the same technique than in exercise 5. After the experience in the previous classes, the students will be able transform a realistic picture of several human figure in an abstract painting.

Art Materials List

  • Acrylic paints 8 oz. Any brand: Liquitex Basic, Artist Loft, Blick, etc
  • Ultramarine blue, emerald green, titanium white, cadmium red medium, cadmium yellow light, black, orange cadmium, crimson red, dioxizine violet, phtalo blue
  • 1 Gel Medium 16oz.
  • 3 palette knives (metal or plastic) medium, small and large
  • Oil Pastels or Crayons and color markers
  • One set of four sizes of square Bristle brushes: 1/8” flat bristle brush, 1/2” flat bristle brush, 3/4” flat bristle brush, 1” flat bristle brush.
  • 16” x 19” acrylic disposable paper palette
  • 2HB pencils, one eraser, one sharpener
  • 6 Stretched canvases (18 x 24″ or larger)
  • Accylic Fluid colors 4 oz (Golden, liquitex, artist craft, etc) White, black, yellow, blue, red, orange green and violet
  • 2 8oz Empty cans for water
  • Rags or paper towels
  • Masking Tape- ½” or push pinsYou can purchase materials from the following online retailers: Amazon, BLICK & Michaels.

Any of the elements listed below to create texture:

  • Sponge
  • 2 Sand packages  (You can buy it in Michaels)
  • Plastic forks and cutlery

This class is online.  You can enjoy it from your own home using your laptop, iPad or smartphone.

Once you register, we’ll send you a Zoom link to join the class on the specific day, at the appointed hour.

You don’t need a Zoom account.  Just click the link and you will be admitted.

We will send you the zoom invitation once you register for the class.

Please log in a few minutes early to greet the others and to get situated.