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Welcome Instructors and Group Leaders

” I know how to teach a great a painting workshop, but I don’t know how to lead a group through Italy…and I think it is important for them to experience Italy with me.”             Maggie Price, plein air painting instructor, 2012

Welcome instructors and group leaders! If you have a strong following or a group of interested participants and you want to organize a program with Il Chiostro have a look at our introductory video at the right and browse our Comparative Venue Sheet. We have expanded our roster of places to offer programs in Italy to accommodate a variety of desires from urban to rural, large to small and 4-star to economy. We are confident that you will find the place that suits your activity and students perfectly.
Regardless of what location you choose you can be assured that when you travel with Il Chiostro the experience for you and your participants will be intimate and authentic. NOTE: all programs have a group size minimum of 8 students.

Before we go on, please click on the link or photo below to watch a short video of our webinar:

How to Host a Workshop in Italy with Il Chiostro

Our Commitment to Instructors:

We understand how much energy and focus it takes to teach your class well.  There is no need for you to also be worrying about whether the bus will show up on time, negotiating with a waiter in Italian for group meals or dealing with the hotel that messed up your reservation when all you want to do is rest!
With Il Chiostro you can leave all of the logistics to us from before you arrive until after you are safely on your way back home.  All you need to do is teach!

I have been teaching international workshops since 2007. During that time, I have led 7 programs with Il chiostro and keep coming back because they do an amazing job creating a special experience for my students and making sure we are totally taken care of. They care and can be counted on, two important elements for a trusting and successful partnership.        Pat Fiorello, painting instructor

Teaching a workshop thru Il Chiostro goes way beyond just teaching. All participants are immersed into the culture with the surroundings, art, food and incredible engaging personalities of Michael and Linda. They are gracious, humorous, down to earth and thoughtful hosts. I have brought a painting group to several different il Chiostro locations for the past eight years and have never once been disappointed. It is like returning to good friends and family that you choose to be with! We are looking forward to 2013.    Marcia Reed, painting instructor since 1999


Our expertise comes from organizing arts-related workshops in Italy since 1995. Linda and Michael are both Italian-American and speak Italian fluently.  We provide organizations, instructors and participants with beautiful, authentic settings and rich cultural experiences as a backdrop for their programs.

Teaching my programs with Il Chiostro is a “party of the creative senses” !!, that you dont want to end…!! Teaching a Plein Air painting course in the most exquisite settings and facilities, that Il Chiostro provides, is a painters dream…..     Lynn Stender, painting instructor since 2000

Program Goals:

At Il Chiostro our goal is to bring Italy to people.  We adhere to the principles of “Slow Travel”.  That means we stay in one place long enough to become familiar with the people and customs, we get involved in the culture and meet the locals, we learn to appreciate the traditional food and wine of the area, and we try to respect the values of the region. To accomplish this we:

  • Choose interesting, authentic places for accommodations
  • Nurture personal connections in each location to open doors to our participants
  • Emphasize the food and wine of each region
  • Share the passion and knowledge of our varied and talented staff
  • We look forward to hearing from you to begin designing your workshop.

Some Nuts and Bolts:

  • All programs have a set minimum number of participants to run
  • We offer two contract options:
    • Flat Fee Contract –  you reserve a set number of rooms for a fixed fee and you take care of all reservations,
    • Standard Contract – we register and collect fees from participants
  • We can customize any extra features you need for your program:  group airport pickup, extra days in
  • another location, special museum entries, etc.  Just call us to start the planning.

To get started with your program, call Linda Mironti at 800-990-3506 or email